Using Nitrogen with Cowboy and upgrade of Nitrogen_Elements to jQuery 1.10

jQuery team has recently announced the major releases to jQuery lib (to v1.9) and jQuery UI (to v1.10.0).

The changes to both libraries are very large and quite frankly I feel like staying away for some time from jQuery 1.9. I played with it a little bit and I found that it breaks some of the plug-ings (e.g jqGrid is not working correctly).

But jQuery UI 1.10.0 seems to be ok so far. The team re-designed most of the existing widgets, making the APIs more consistent. You can find release announcement and list of changes here. There is also a blog post explaining the road map for jQuery UI.

The main Nitrogen repo uses the stable jQuery UI 1.8.23 release, so I made the experimental Nitrogen fork, upgraded jQuery UI to 1.10 and re-worked all the existing controls in Nitrogen_Elements project to use new APIs. So, Nitrogen_Elements now has a dependency on jQuery UI 1.10 and will use my Nitrogen fork until the main Nitrogen repo is updated to v.1.10 (which I hope will happen some time soon).

I added new Menu element and added more use case examples to Nitrogen_Elements_Examples.

e.g. here is the example of new menu element:
Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 18.43.53

and here is example for tabs control:

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 19.10.40

Drop me a message if you feel that a separate blog post explaining the development of menu element would be useful.

I also started looking at how to use Nitrogen with Cowboy as underlying http server. Cowboy has lots of momentum right now and it uses the best ideas from Mochiweb and Webmachine and allows to replace both of them. Jesse Gumm built all the necessary bindings which allow to use Nitrogen with Cowboy 0.6. It all works very nicely (though these bindings are a little bit dated now as Cowboy recently under-gone big changes and Nitrogen Cowboy bindings don’t work with the current Cowboy version 0.8). Again, let me know if you feel like a separate post explaining how to use Nitrogen with Cowboy would be useful.

Project Nitrogen_Elements_Examples has been upgraded to Cowboy from Mochiweb and Webmachine, so you can use it if you need a starting example.

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