How to learn to type on Kinesis Advantage

I have recently got myself a new keyboard –


I won’t go in length into advantages / disadvantage of using it – you can find all

these discussions somewhere else. So far I am loving it – mechanical keys are definitely a way to go. I am heavy emacs user and the ability to reprogram the key binding is a massive plus.

But this post is about a little LifeHack. This keyboard will make you cry for at least couple of weeks until you re-learn to type again as all the key chords that your fingers remember won’t work for you anymore.

You can find some Training material but they are in paper format. The better way to use them is to feed these excercises into some touch typing  application.

Fortunetely, TIPP10 if perfect app for this as it allows you to use your own exercises.

You can download the lesson files from here

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3 Responses to How to learn to type on Kinesis Advantage

  1. Adam DeAloe says:

    Thank you for this post! I got my Kinesis in the mail yesterday. It’s funny you say it’ll make you cry, last night I truly was on the verge of real tears! Going from a very confident 70-90 WPM typist down to 6 or 7 words per minute is insanely frustrating! In spite of the learning curve, I can already tell I love this keyboard. Strategically formulated practice material is exactly what I need to speed up the adjustment period. The combination of TIPP10 and the exercise files you provided on github are perfect! Thanks again!

    • glad you found this post useful – thanks for feedback. After using Kinesis for a year I love it more than ever. But for me the trick was to have this keyboard both at home and in the office, switching between Kinesis and regular keyboard doesn’t work for me.

  2. Alex says:

    Thx for your post and lessons links

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