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How does Riak_Core ring distribute vnodes

As I have already mentioned Riak_Core is a great framework to use if you like Erlang and have a problem which could be solved with a masterless distributed ring of hosts. There are several introduction articles about riak_core but I … Continue reading

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How to add Riak_Control to a custom Riak _Core application

Riak_Core is Erlang based implementation of Amazon Dynamo model written and open-sourced by Basho.  As everything written by Basho this framework is super awesome and hugely beneficial for anyone who is interested in writing distributed applications. It abstracts away tons of complicated … Continue reading

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How to setup Prolog mode for emacs on OSX

Erlang programmers are lucky because for them there is no question what language to learn next. Of course it should be Prolog. After all Erlang is “a bastard child of Scheme and Prolog”. And of course hard-core Erlang programmers use … Continue reading

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How to use Erlang application release with multiple configurations

On my opinion configuring and building releases for an Erlang applications has always been the most obscure and mis-understood part of Erlang ecosystem. For me personally, to build a release would always take a day or two because I could … Continue reading

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How to learn to type on Kinesis Advantage

I have recently got myself a new keyboard – I won’t go in length into advantages / disadvantage of using it – you can find all these discussions somewhere else. So far I am loving it – mechanical keys are … Continue reading

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How to manage public and private Puppet modules with Vagrant

If you use Puppet for provisioning Vagrant VMs, the chances are that you want to use some standard public Puppet modules which could be found at Puppet Forge and the question becomes how to get them installed as part of … Continue reading

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How to make Vagrant and Puppet to clone private github repo

I have been playing with Vagrant and Puppet lately to automate my home development environment and got to the point when I needed to clone / build code from several private github repos. I ended up spending two days to … Continue reading

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Docker, Puppet and taking care of chaos

Out of many technical talks I have recently watched I am finding the one delivered by Tomas Doran at Puppet Camp the most impressing. You can find it here. Despite the flamboyant presentation style (and silly hair!) – the topic … Continue reading

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How to swap Option (Alt) and Command keys on Mac

If you are (like I) an emacs user on MacOS X you might have this problem : how to re-assign Meta key from Option (Alt) to Cmd key in Terminal (if you don’t know what the heck I am talking … Continue reading

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How to configure RabbitMQ to run as Docker container in Vagrant

Vagrant is one of those technologies that hit you like a truck and you don’t understand anymore how you lived without it before. If you haven’t heard about Vagrant yet – it is a simple mechanism to automatically build a … Continue reading

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